Welcome to Nyborg Library

Everyone can use the library for free whether you live in Nyborg Municipality, somewhere else in Denmark or outside the country.

Borrow from the library

To borrow at Nyborg Library you need to register as a user.

Please contact the staff to be registered and remember to bring your health insurance card, if you are a Danish citizen.

If you are visiting Denmark from another country, you need to present some kind of valid personal documentation.

If you are below the age of 18 years, we need a consent from your parents. You can get a parental consent form from one of the librarians.

Rules for borrowing

Loaning and renewing

You can borrow most of our items for one month. DVD and Blu-ray films as well as games can be borrowed for 14 days. If the material is not reserved by another user, you can renew it twice by asking the staff or logging into our website with your personal number and code.

Mind you the website is only in Danish, so if you don’t understand the language, it’s far easier to contact the staff. You can call the library staff during the opening hours at phone number 63 33 70 75. If you are calling from a foreign phone, remember to dial the country code 0045 before the number.

Fees and replacement

If you return the material after the expiration date, you have to pay a fee. The size of the fee is decided by how many days the material is overdue. 

  • 1-6 days overdue = 20 dkr. 
  • 7-13 days overdue = 60 dkr.
  • 14 days or more overdue = 100 dkr.

If you miss the expiration for more than one loan, the size of the fee will depend on the day the items were loaned no matter if they have been renewed on the same day and thereby have the same expiration date. This means, that if you have three expired loans, that were borrowed on three different dates, the fee will be 60 dkr. (3 times 20 dkr. for the three borrowing dates). But if the three loans were borrowed on the same date, the fee will be 20 dkr. for all of the expired materials.

If you damage or misplace the borrowed materials, you will have to replace it. Please notice, that when replacing a film you will also have to replace the loaning license, which means that the replacing might cost up to 1.000 dkr.

If you owe the library more than 200 dkr, your account will be blocked until you pay the fee.

If you're at the age 0-16 and living in Nyborg Municipality, you don't have to pay fees, but you must still replace a damaged or misplaced material. 

You can pay by cash or MobilePay at the library, by MobilePay in the app "Biblioteket" or by credit card here at the website, when you're logged in.

Books in English and foreign languages.

We have a small variety of books in English as well as French, German, Tamil, Persian, Arabic and Somali.

If you’re looking for an English or foreign language book, that we don’t have at Nyborg Library, please contact the staff, and we will gladly order it for you, if it’s available at another library in Denmark. This might take 1-5 working days.

If you are an exchange student or just interested in academic books we can also order English and other foreign language books from the Danish university libraries.

Computers and Internet

Nyborg Library offers free internet on our computers and by Wi-Fi.

If you want to use the free Wi-Fi, you must choose the network called “Nyborg Guest”. You will be asked to enter your mobile number and you will then receive a single use code by text message. Enter the code and you are free to surf the Internet.

All users must comply to the following rules when using the library’s computers:

The internet must not be used for...

  • searching porno graphic materials
  • sending anonumous or harassing e-mails
  • illigal purposes of any kind

Common Danish and International laws on copyright must be obeyed, and you are responsible for your own actions. The staff has the right to expel users, if they find, that the user does not comply to the rules.

Print and Copy

You can print and copy in black and white at Nyborg Library for 1 kr. per page. You can pay by Danish cash or by the app MobilePay.

Any questions?

If you have any questions feel free to ask the staff at Nyborg Library. We are here for you.